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What’s Your Summer Skin Type?

summer skin care

With the change of season can come a change of skin. As we say see-ya to heaters and hello to sunshine in the Southern Hemisphere, there’s a good chance you might need to mix up your skincare routine, too.

Here’s a rundown on how to care for your body’s largest organ during the warmer months: 

Sensitive Skin

Anyone with sensitivities will know the hurdles of applying too many combinations of chemicals that are often part of everyday skincare products. Keeping it simple is the best rule of thumb if you’re prone to breakouts, blemishes and burns, as the summer heat will only cause further irritation. Nixing anything with fragrance is also important, as synthetic parfum is literally a toxic combination of hundreds of chemicals that can cause a host of problems. Choose ingredients that soothe and, if possible, ensure they’re from a certified organic source.

Oily Skin

Keeping oil at bay in summer can seem like a daunting task, but the job is much easier if you adopt a summer-suitable routine and products to match. With excess oil comes a bigger chance of breakouts, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t moisturise. Choose a light product and apply minimal amounts using your fingertips, after cleansing and toning. Using a moisturising toner is a great idea for those with oily skin as it can do wonders to minimise oil, while keeping you shine-free.

Combination Skin

Having combination skin doesn’t have to mean skincare regimes and product selection is a daunting task. Getting to know your type, and how it reacts under seasonal conditions makes good beauty sense. Swap heavy winter-weight creams for lighter hydrating creams (or serums) and choose a cleanser that doesn’t strip natural oils. Many people with combination skin have an oily T-Zone, across the forehead, down the nose to the chin. Skip the moisturiser in this area and concentrate on dry patches. Also remember to moisturise the neck and décolletage.

Normal Skin

Normal skin can have different requirements, depending on your location. Humidity can cause oiliness, while dry heat can sap moisture. A gentle foaming face wash is a summer-appropriate alternative to heavier winter cream cleansers. Ditching heavy moisturisers in favour of natural hydrating serums will help you stay hydrated throughout summer, without weighing down and blocking pores with a combination of sweat and product.

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