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Almond Oil: Big Benefits for Skin, Hair and Health

Used topically and internally, almond oil is wonderful for fostering healthy hair and skin.

Have you ever wondered why professional beauty therapy treatments often rely on almond oil? Typically it’s because of its rich skin and hair moisturising properties and low odour. Adored since pre-biblical times, almond oil today is still used to foster supple skin and silky hair. Greek mythology tells of a reverence for the humble almond and its oil, which has been used in Greece and Italy for hundreds of years, even though it’s native to the Middle East. Today, it’s…

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Essential Oils for Prolapsed Uterus

There are specific oils, which are beneficial for supporting prolapsed uterus

Essential oils have literally been an essential support during my prolapsed uterus healing journey. I’m really not sure where I’d be today if I hadn’t have made them part of my daily routine. When we use pure oils, the affect on our emotional, mental and physical states can be profound. Last night, I attended a talk by Dr David Hill, Chief Medical Officer of doTERRA. It opened my eyes even further to how Mother Nature can support our bodies to…

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Hemp Consumption Legalised in Australia & NZ


It is now possible to legally buy and consume hemp products in Australia and New Zealand. Hemp is one of nature’s true superfoods that comes with a list of health and beauty benefits, yet, until today you couldn’t find it on your local supermarket shelves without labels warning against internal use. Today, Australia and New Zealand join the rest of the world in allowing consumption of “low THC hemp seed foods”, according to Food Standards Australia New Zealand. It is…

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Dairy Allergy? Try These Plant-Based Milks Instead


Nut, seed, grain and legume milks may be the new dairy, but knowing the nutritious from the health-hyped goes beyond reading ingredient labels. While cows may be resting little easier in the wake of a new-found love of alternative milks, there’s good reason to make your own say some of the country’s leading dieticians and nutritionists. From sugar-loaded Ultra Heat Treated (UHT) varieties to made-from-concentrates, there are often more than simply nuts, seeds, legumes and grains in store-bought milks, says…

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WIN a Be Genki Cleanse, Tone & Moisturise Trio

be genki

When I find a skincare range I love, you can’t shut me up about it. This couldn’t be more true than with the all-natural, all-ethical Be Genki. I’ve been using products from this Australian-made brand for almost 10 years. Founder, formulator and beautiful human being, Sam Sargent, recently asked me to share my secrets to a genki (Japanese word for holistically healthy and happy) life, which I did here. I asked Sam if she would be keen to give away…

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What’s Your Summer Skin Type?

summer skin care

With the change of season can come a change of skin. As we say see-ya to heaters and hello to sunshine in the Southern Hemisphere, there’s a good chance you might need to mix up your skincare routine, too. Here’s a rundown on how to care for your body’s largest organ during the warmer months:  Sensitive Skin Anyone with sensitivities will know the hurdles of applying too many combinations of chemicals that are often part of everyday skincare products. Keeping…

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