About Shannon Dunn

Shannon Dunn has been a journalist and editor for more than two decades, working in her native Australia, as well as the the United States and New Zealand.

She founded Eco Beauty Editor in 2010 and is widely regarded as a go-to for natural health, holistic beauty and women’s wellness expertise. She was selected as an official judge of the 2018 CertClean Clean Beauty Awards—the first time panel members were selected outside of North America. 

A long-time contributor to Australia’s leading holistic lifestyle magazine, WellBeing, Shannon also freelances for many other publications in Australasia and internationally. She is regularly sought after for holistic beauty advice, with her expertise and work featured on international websites such as Organic Authority, Real Beauty, She Knows, Healthline, BeautyEQ, Beauty Directory, Institute for Integrative Nutrition, USA Today and others.

A Chamber of Commerce Outstanding Business Award winner, she has specialised in consciousness, eco beauty and holistic wellness subjects since 2008.


Women’s Wellness

After healing second degree uterine prolapse holistically and naturally, she now specialises in helping other women in their pursuit to return to balance and heal prolapse through natural methods. She supports women from around the world in the Uterine Prolapse Holistic Healing Support Group, which can be found on Facebook.

Shannon is also a Reiki Master, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) practitioner, AromaTouch Technique practitioner and Psych-K facilitator.

The mum-of-two also works with children upon request, specific to AromaTouch Technique and EFT.

Appointments can be booked here: www.shannondunn.com/appointments

Essential Oils 

As an eco beauty editor and holistic healer, Shannon incorporates Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils into her daily life and work with clients around the world. She specialises in essential oils for emotional and physical support, as well as applications for natural beauty.

Shannon is passionate about spreading the message that real health can only truly be attained through body, mind and spirit synergy.

Shannon lives in Auckland, New Zealand. Contact her here.

Shannon Dunn is a journalist, beauty editor and holistic women's wellness expert