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Hemp Consumption Legalised in Australia & NZ


It is now possible to legally buy and consume hemp products in Australia and New Zealand. Hemp is one of nature’s true superfoods that comes with a list of health and beauty benefits, yet, until today you couldn’t find it on your local supermarket shelves without labels warning against internal use. Today, Australia and New Zealand join the rest of the world in allowing consumption of “low THC hemp seed foods”, according to Food Standards Australia New Zealand. It is…

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The Importance of Doing Nothing


It’s one of the most important keys to good health, yet fast-paced living and a seemingly insatiable appetite for achieving more is putting our wellbeing at risk. Put your feet up and do absolutely nothing and you just might achieve more, say some. Are you stressed and don’t know it? Are you caught in a constant cycle of doing more, wanting more and achieving more? If you’re not sure of your emotional state right now, take a minute to focus…

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How to Use Activated Charcoal

activated charcoal

Whether it’s for pearly whites or as a hangover helper, activated charcoal is garnering much-deserved attention as the latest wellness and beauty do-it-all.  While Gwenyth Paltrow has waxed lyrical about the benefits of activated charcoal for a booze-induced upset tummy, there’s actually a host of wellness and beauty can-dos with this simple yet potent ingredient. A health go-to for more than 10,000 of years, activated charcoal is a carbon-based porous powder—usually sold in capsule or powder form, traditionally to be…

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Homeopathy for Pregnancy & Beyond

homeopathy, shannon dunn, prolapse, coach

When you’re a mama that has a child with eczema and food allergies, you become somewhat of a detective – especially when you’re not willing to walk the path of steroid creams and topical, short-term fixes. So where do you turn when you decide to treat your child holistically? No one can answer that question for you because every child is different and has different needs, different triggers for their allergies and different constitutions. A good start is to tune…

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Birth Bag Essentials for the Conscious-Minded Mama

prolapse, shannon dunn, birth bag

There’s so much talk about what to put in your birth bag, but for conscious-minded, spiritual mamas, the contents can be a little different to the usual nightie and nipple cream. First time around, I had one CD on loop (bad idea unless you want to be driven crazy while in labour), nappies and an outfit for the baby… and not much else. More than five years and some self-growth later, my labour and post-birth kit looks, well, very different. Here’s…

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