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How to Use doTERRA’s New Yoga Collection

doterra yoga collection

Created with the help of Art of Attention author and creator of teach.yoga, Elena Brower, the just-released doTERRA Yoga Collection consists of three 5 mL blends: Arise, Anchor, and Align. Each is carefully designed with a unique combination of essential oils to provide different scents and benefits for the beginner or experienced yogi. Below is a step-by-step guide on how best to use each oil.…

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Prolapse of the Uterus & My Healing Journey

prolapse of the uterus is a condition that affects thousands of women. However, it is possible to heal naturally.

Yes, it is absolutely possible to heal prolapse of the uterus.  I was recently interviewed by healer and intuitive, Rebecca Dettman, for her Soul Doctor Show podcast—specifically for her Womb Worship episode. This was the first time I had spoken publicly about my four-year journey holistically healing one of the Western world’s most common health conditions. It’s a topic I’m deeply passionate about, particularly as so many women feel that surgery may be the only option to heal what is…

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Coffee Beauty Benefits + Recipes

coffee scrub

One of the world’s favourite brews has many more benefits than a mid-morning caffeine kick. Coffee is actually a potent, multi-purpose beauty ingredient that can add lustre to your hair, while diminishing appearance of cellulite and under-eye shadows. While the health benefits, or lack thereof, of drinking coffee may always be a hot topic for debate, the topical uses of this caffeine-fuelled brew, and the aromatic beans from which it’s derived, offer big beauty pluses that can’t be denied. From…

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The Importance of Doing Nothing


It’s one of the most important keys to good health, yet fast-paced living and a seemingly insatiable appetite for achieving more is putting our wellbeing at risk. Put your feet up and do absolutely nothing and you just might achieve more, say some. Are you stressed and don’t know it? Are you caught in a constant cycle of doing more, wanting more and achieving more? If you’re not sure of your emotional state right now, take a minute to focus…

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How to Use Activated Charcoal

activated charcoal

Whether it’s for pearly whites or as a hangover helper, activated charcoal is garnering much-deserved attention as the latest wellness and beauty do-it-all.  While Gwenyth Paltrow has waxed lyrical about the benefits of activated charcoal for a booze-induced upset tummy, there’s actually a host of wellness and beauty can-dos with this simple yet potent ingredient. A health go-to for more than 10,000 of years, activated charcoal is a carbon-based porous powder—usually sold in capsule or powder form, traditionally to be…

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Why I Chose Not to do Physio to Heal Uterine Prolapse


Usually the first suggestion people make—health practitioners and otherwise—when you have a physical condition, is to do something physical to fix it. But what if it isn’t always the right choice? When I found myself with second degree uterine prolapse more than five years ago, I knew visiting the physio was not the answer, despite well-meaning family and friends telling me to high tail it pronto to someone who specialised in pelvic floor dysfunction.  I knew this deep in my…

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