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How to Manifest (What I’ve Learned)

Whether you want to be financially abundant, the best tennis player in the world, or even overcome illness, it requires taking time, every day, to dream with your heart, think with your head about the possibilities and put things in action to get there.

Oh, and most importantly, it takes being thankful. Grateful to your core. A no-strings-attached kind of thankfulness, one that fills your heart until it feels like it could burst. The gratitude that puts a spring in your step and almost brings you to your knees. Without it, all the other stuff doesn’t matter.

It’s the kind of stuff The Secret touched on. But there were important aspects of the Rhonda Byrne blockbuster that were missing. In short, there’s more that’s required than just wishing upon a lucky star. But if you decide to master it, the life you truly, madly, deeply want could really be yours. Really.

According to Wallace D Wattles, author of The Science of Getting Rich, living an abundant life is just that: a science. It can be learned and mastered, regardless of your education, your job status or anything else. Learn it, live it and watch what unfolds.

According to Wallace D Wattles, author of The Science of Getting Rich, living an abundant life is just that: a science.

One of the best courses I’ve taken over the years is based on Wattles’ book, from self-help guru Bob Proctor, Chicken Soup for the Soul co-author Jack Canfield and spiritual visionary Reverend Michael Bernard Beckwith. Called The Secret Science of Getting Rich, it not only teaches you the principles but actually gets you thinking, and dreaming, about the life you really want.

If you want a simplified version of what it takes to start moving in the direction of your dreams, I’ve put together seven steps to guide you to more fun, more fulfillment and more miracles. But it’s important to know it does take work. A lot of that work is in the understanding of how manifesting works.

I’m the first to admit I’ve steered off course many times. It requires, in some cases, a retraining of the mind, a reshaping of beliefs and above all, complete and utter faith that what you really want for your life is very, very possible…

7 Steps to Manifesting & the Life You’ve Always Wanted

1. Every day sit for a moment in meditation and concentrate on the specifics of what you would love to create in your life. Imagine the finest details, think clearly, in minute detail, about how you want your life to exactly be. Get carried away with your imagination, feel the feelings as you see your dream coming true in front of you. If any niggling doubts arise, recognize them, then move past them, adding more detail and color to your wildest dreams. Begin to believe that anything is possible.

Take everything you’ve imagined and put every last detail onto paper. Write it as if it’s already happening. Explain how it feels to be living your dream, experiencing each as if they are truly real now. Writing things down creates magic. It gives your brain a goal and the universe an address for the cosmic GPS that’s going to help you arrive at your (oh-so-exciting) destination.

3. As often as possible, take time to dream, going over the details. Then take at least three action steps to make your goal come true. Remember, what you move toward move towards you.

As your dreams begin to manifest, keep note of every synchronous and goal aligning event that occurs. If you look, you’ll find they’re everywhere. Grab your notepad and record the events that come true each day, then express heartfelt gratitude for each.

Refining your goals is an important job, as it allows you to become even clearer about what you want for your life. Also, you’ll (likely) want to add more goals as others begin to come true. Dare to dream bigger, bolder and better. Keep two words front of mind: what if…

It can’t be said enough how important gratitude is, even for the little stuff and the not-so-fun stuff, as road blocks can simply mean there’s something better waiting in the wings for you. Express your thankfulness in writing, feel it with your heart and say a prayer of gratitude to whomever you connect with on a higher level.

Sometimes things take time. Just because you can’t see a seed germinate, it doesn’t mean it’s not growing into something incredible. Quite the contrary. A seed of desire is at its strongest during the incubation period. Our unwavering faith and gratitude for what’s to come is the water and sunlight, if you will. Kick back, relax and enjoy getting lost in your imagination. Just imagine: what if your reality soon exceeded your wildest dreams?

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