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Why I Chose Not to do Physio to Heal Uterine Prolapse


Usually the first suggestion people make—health practitioners and otherwise—when you have a physical condition, is to do something physical to fix it. But what if it isn’t always the right choice?

When I found myself with second degree uterine prolapse more than five years ago, I knew visiting the physio was not the answer, despite well-meaning family and friends telling me to high tail it pronto to someone who specialised in pelvic floor dysfunction. 

I knew this deep in my core (probably a reason for that!) and followed, without wavering, my intuition on a four-year journey to heal what I knew was a manifestation of emotional baggage, filled with self-doubt, self-criticism and lack of self-love I’d carried around since a child—and perhaps from one lifetime to the next. If karma can follow us, why can’t emotions? As for DNA that connects us to ancestors past (and their baggage), well that deserves a whole separate post.

As I type this today, my uterus is back in place, my pelvic floor is doing just fine and I can walk without feeling like my insides are falling out, as happened for so many years prior. And this is all without relying wholly and solely on physiotherapy.

What I want other women to know—those suffering just as I did with this oh-so-common condition—is that there’s (usually) much more work to be done that does not involve just the physical. 

What I want other women to know—those suffering just as I did with this oh-so-common condition—is that there’s (usually) much more work to be done that does not involve just the physical. 

I did eventually visit the physio – more out of curiosity than pinning my hopes on Kegels (which, by the way, did not work for me and actually made my then-condition worse). And of course, the physical is an important factor in healing prolapse, but, for me, it was not the only factor, nor the most important one.

I have so much to write about when it comes to uterine prolapse. It is my mission to help other women in their healing journey by showing them they are so much more than physical beings and that in order to heal, we must begin to understand that and apply modalities that reach the emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of our beings.

Prolapse was one of the best things that ever happened to me. Why? Because it forced me to dig deeper into my mind, body and soul than I’d ever thought was possible. What I discovered was a power within and greater understanding of who I am and why I manifested the condition in the first place. 

It was only when I dealt with all of the layers that I began to heal. It wasn’t always comfortable, of course. But I’ll take that discomfort over an out-of-place uterus any day.

If you’re dealing with prolapse, have you ventured beyond the physical, digging deep to uncover what could be the reason for prolapse in the first place?

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    July 14, 2019 at 5:40 am

    Wow. This is the first mention of spiritual connection and I thank you. I started going to acupuncture to treat mine and as soon as she looked at my tongue she said you have lost your life force. I felt relieved that she hit right on the head my state of being. She said because you have no energy your organs are failing. I already felt that I was melting down inside from years of emotional trauma. Thank you.

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      Shannon Dunn
      July 20, 2019 at 4:08 am

      You are so welcome, Felisza. I think sometimes we become wired to think symptoms are just something that need to be dealt with, rather than looking at how we arrived at them in the first place. Yes! I absolutely agree on the life force perspective. You could also talk to her about the spleen meridian and its connection to prolapse. Wishing you all the very best in your healing journey x

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